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Posted by Sam Smith on Monday, November 20th, 2017 at 3:44pm.

For those thinking about buying a home in the near future there are several options to consider when looking in the Del Mar, California area.  One thing to consider is whether or not to buy a home that has already installed solar panels on it.  For the most part, there is a very limited number of homes that have installed solar panels for a variety of reasons.  Besides the effective cost savings there are several things to consider when buying a home with solar panels.

There are a lot of articles that boast that installing solar panels will increase the value of your home.  While this sounds like it could be the case the reality is that buyers sometimes look at this as more of a negative that positive aspect.  For example, I sold a home earlier this year that had solar panels installed on it.  One of the most common comments that I got was that the buyers were a little scared of buying a home that had outdate solar panels on them.  They worried that the cost of updating to newer technology panels would cost more than they would save on their monthly utility payments.  Technology is changing very fast in the solar panel industry so being stuck with an older unit was a real concern.  My seller's also had a monthly lease fee that would need to be assumed by the new buyer.  This will another hurdle that we had to go over and would have been far easier if the system had already been paid for and was free and clear of any further payments.  

The obvious benefits of owning a home with solar panels is the reduced utility costs which really can be significant depending on where you live.  My recommendation would be to make sure have a detailed inspection of the panels and also look at current units to see what the cost would be if you were to upgrade to a more technologically advanced unit.  I would also understand all the costs and fee's involved in owning a solar panel unit before deciding to purchase a home.  One of the newest technology in solar panels is having the roof tiles act as a panel itself thus avoiding the glaring large panels that can look pretty ugly on top of a house.  We have included all the current properties for sale in Del Mar, California that are being advertised with solar panels installed on them.  Please contact us with any questions regarding these homes.

Solar Panel Installed Del Mar Home

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